Hang on startup



I'm running WinXP Pro, Ver 5.1, SP3, on a Pentium 4, 1.8Ghz, 512 MB Ram, with
NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 video card, and a Viewsonic 17GS monitor.

Normally on startup after the WinXP splash screen (with the moving dots), I
get a blank screen for a couple of seconds and then a cursor appears and the
system boots on up from there. Lately, after the splash screen disappears, I
get the blank screen and no cursor and the system appears to hang (no disk
activity) at this point. Power off cpu and start again. Windows abnormal
end screen appears; tell it to start normally; system boots up fine. I have
carefully watched monitor on startup and when this hang happens, some kind of
flash happens to screen even though monitor power light stays green. Sorry
to be verbose but trying to accurately describe actions.

What is WinXP doing after splash screen and before cursor?



Andrew E.

If you have a retail copy of xp,install xp cd,boot pc to xp cd,at menu screen
press r key for recovery console,at recovery,select 1 for C:,press enter
key for password,type: Fixboot Agree,type:CHKDSK C: /p Type:EXIT
Let xp start up,remove xp cd.


Andrew- thanks for the reply. are you saying there is a problem with boot
sector of the hard drive?




Download MalwareBytes from Download.com. Update it, then do a scan of you OS.
See what it finds. Make it a great day.

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