Half duplex ethernet connection. How?



Hello, group.
Did somebody happen to establish Ethernet connection
over a single twisted pair? (Half-duplex)

I know that IEEE std 802.3 describes it, controllers and drivers

Any hints, links, book titles are greately appreciated.
I learned IEEE paper, KS8001 datasheet, used google heavily ...
still no success.

Few more words for those who has time for me to read:
I have an Ethernet controller, datasheet, drivers for it, and
development board.
However, development board has 4-wire (2 pairs) connection with the
I need to establish 2-wire connection.
Before I begin to cut wires I'd like to read something.
Something about chip couplung with the transformer, transformer windigs
the twisted pair and about how to get the controller distinguish between
and its own-transmitted packet (get the controller know that it is
wiring) - will it automatically determine that?


Yves, thank you for an answer, but I think you did not read my question
which is about *single pair* ethernet communication, half duplex.

Your link is about common 2 or 4 pair full-duplex ethernet.
You say "pins 1,2,3,6". This is not what I'm about.

I hope to use just 2 wires and to properly connect/configure
controller for that mode.

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