Hacking suprise, so beef up your protection

Jul 11, 2010
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As you know I have been hacked on my email account but WHAT I did not realise was that the hackers on email hacking actually hack the Internet providers servers and having through of being hacked I thought I would put out a warning to all our members about this.
First the hackers hack into your email address on the Internet providers servers and not on your own PC. To ensure that you are safer your password for your email should contain of no less than jumbled 10 digits and jumbled letters more would make you more secure. DO NOT use pet names or any other recognised words such as Mothers maiden name, pets name etc but a jumble of numbers and letters in excess of minimum 10 but 20 numbers and jumbled letters would be preferred.

The hackers ripped off about 86 million user accounts and passwords a year. On the providers' servers, never on our PCs.
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