Gunbound installation




I've been trying to install a game called gunbound
( but whenever i do and error message
pops up and i don't know how to fix it. The erreor says
that there was a problem creating the registry key. then
in the middle it says that the registry key failed; code 5
then it says access denied. please help me. also could
you please send the help to my e-mail? it would be

Chris H.

We answer questions in the newsgroup so everyone has a chance to see it.
First, make sure you're in an account with Administrator rights (not "the"
Admin account) and second, if you've tweaked your system, go into Control
Panel/Administrative Tools/Services and make sure Cryptographic Services is
started and running. If those conditions are okay, make sure you're not
running your anti-virus software or third-party firewall/pop-up blockers,
then try the install again.
Aug 16, 2010
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Same but different problem

After installing GB S2, I initiated the launch thingy and pressed start. However after the launched thingy closed itself, I assumed the game would start up, however it did no. I used task manager to check what was happening, and saw that in the Processes Section: GB kept starting up taking all 100% CPU Usage and making the number of processes increase to over 400.
However in the Application sections of the Task Manger, GB did not start up.
Thanks in advance.

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