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Discussion in 'Freeware' started by battles, Jan 15, 2006.

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    Freeware: Gulf Coastal Software Check Writer (5.0) has been updated
    with a new pallet so that it should work on any printer now. There is
    also a new feature that allows you to print your signature on a check.
    The signature is encrypted and can not be accessed without a password.
    Version 5.1 should be out within a few days and will allow the printing
    of the legend and archived legend.


    Summary from readme file:

    Check Writer is a personal and company check writing
    program. Unlike most other check writing programs, it
    includes the ability to adjust the print position of the
    various fields upon a check's surface. There are also
    nudge controls to help fine tune the field positions.

    A legend is automatically kept upon printing a check.
    This consist of the check number, check date, amount,
    company, and memo. The edit box for a check number is
    used for the legend only if the 'Print Check No' check box
    is not checked in Form - 'Prefs'. Otherwise, it is printed on
    the check. To delete entries in the legend, click on the
    appropriate line in the 'X' column and press the 'Archive Data'
    button. The legend will hold quite a bit of data, however, it
    is not infinite. The amount of data it can hold depends
    upon the operating system being used. This also goes for
    the archived data. This should be partially cleaned out

    To enter deposits, right click the legend grid and add a
    deposit line. Then left click on the amount box in this
    new line until it opens. Manually enter the deposit amount.

    The program calculates the 'Calculate balance' line by
    simply adding up the amount column.

    Checks should be positioned in a top loading printer
    approximately one inch from the right side of the paper
    guide (see help in program) for portrait check printing.
    This causes the small checks to be pulled into the printer
    correctly and prevents a small check from being rotated
    by the printer rollers when drawn into the printer. There
    are usually guide lines within a printer's paper tray that
    can easily be used to properly align a check before printing.
    Checks should be positioned in a front loading printer to the
    right side of the printer and fed in end first. More instructions
    about printing can be found by clicking the 'Help' button within
    the Form - 'Print Draft' window.

    To change the date on a check, simply click on the desired
    date on the calendar. To enter company names to be used
    for checks, enter it manually or click the 'Company' button
    and enter the names. The company names can then be easily
    accessed through the drop down box.

    Envelopes can now be printed using the Envelope button.
    Return address can be entered in the 'Return address' edit
    box. This 'Return address' is permanently saved upon clicking
    close. 'Sent to' addresses can be stored in the dropdown
    box found above the address entry box. Right clicking the
    dropdown box or click 'Update' to make entries. The first
    line of an address group must start with the $ sign. More
    instructions about printing envelopes can be found by clicking
    the 'Help' button within the Envelope - 'Print Envelope' window.

    A new feature now allows the printing of a person's signature
    on a check. This signature is encrypted and requires a password
    (key) before it can be used. Start the Signature.exe program in
    the Signature Encryption Pgm folder and follow the instruction in
    the program to create an encrypted signature. The password
    for the 'Sig A' test signature is 123 . (A 'Sig B' file
    was not included with the program. See the explanation in the
    Signature.exe program concerning these files.
    If the signature bitmap created in Paint needs sharpening or
    enhancing, try using the freeware program 'Irfanview' at .
    battles, Jan 15, 2006
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