grouping table



Create database (this is for a telephone company)

i have 4 worksheets with almost same data in worksheets with 1 or 2
different fields in the last

1 current
2 completed
3 deleted
4 macd(make, change, add, and delete)

so i divided my data in different Tables

Customer Table

CustomerID(auto number)
Customer Number(txt)
Customer Name(text)
Customer City(text)
Customer St(txt)

Employee Tbl
EmpID(auto no)
Emp Fs Name(txt)
Emp Ls Name(txt)

i still have other info. but dont know how to group to create different
Tables for them .
service type
Equipment type

remote worker branch- txt/ yes no
Number virtual NOs. - number
site No. - number
Review board Approval - blank or yes no
Contract signed - date
Project Initation- Date
suborder- date
schedule testing- date
conduct v testing- date
checkout -date
acd -date
sch.test turn- date
plns switch- date
transport t- date
conduct company test turn- date
cported -date
maintenance acceptance - date
reason order days- text/ memo
order completed - date
order cancel -date
order disconnect- date

any help on this is greatly appreciated.


some one please give me some idea to make tables so that i can create forms
and reports and its easy to use for people who accesses the data.
Thanks for all the help in advance.

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