grouping rows



The "+" plus sign that is created when i collapse a group of rows has
shifted. Previously, when i selected a group of rows to expand and collapse,
the "+" sign that appeared when the rows were collapsed would be adjacent to
the row immediately above the row grouping. This was intuitively helpful,
since when you clicked on this "+" sign, you were presented with the rows
below the row that was clicked, a row that in my case represents a header.
Now, when i group a series of rows, the "+" sign that appears when the rows
are collapsed is adjacent to the top row in the series of rows grouped, not
the header row above the row grouping. This results in a more awkward view of
the data. Could this have happened as a result of an excel software upgrade
by my firm's tech department? Has anyone else noticed this change and is
there a way to revert back to the original presentation?



Dave Peterson

Maybe it's one of the outlining settings:

Try (in xl2003 menu system):

Data|Group and outline|Settings
Uncheck the "summary rows below detail"

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