grouping level sort order



I have a report with records that are categorized by a field called CBDCode.
That field is a text field with the following available values:
"Engineering", "Manufacturing", "Tops", "Custom", "Moulding/Trim",
"Finishing", "Outsource", "Material", "Misc"

When grouping levels are set, Access allows you to choose ascending or
decending sort order. Is there a way to override that so that it groups in
the same order as I have listed above? Would I need to prefix each value
with a number in the order I wish to report?

Any feedback is appreciated!



Duane Hookom

You should have a table of CBDCodes that has a sorting value/field in it
that can be used. If not, try:
=Instr("Eng Man Top Cus Mou Fin Out Mat Mis",Left([CBDCode],3))

You could also write a function that would return a sorting value.

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