Grouping daily transactions by month (using pivot tables), acrossyears


Dave K

Hello - Could someone please let me know the best way to use a pivot
table to group daily transactions into monthly totals.

I noticed there is a "Group and Show Detail" option----but it seems to
be unable to portray 2 separate Januarys when they fall into two
separate years.

For instance, if my data is

1/1/07 1000
1/4/07 8000
1/19/08 10000

I just get a total for January, rather than two separate totals for
Jan 07 and Jan 08.

Is there a way to allow the pivot tables to show Monthly totals, but
ensure that I can distinguish between years?
Is there possibly a way to include the same "Date" field twice, and
then group the first field by year and the next field by month?

I realize I can accomplish this with the sumproduct function......but
I would prefer to build it into the pivot table if at all possible.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Bob Phillips

You will need to group by years AND by months so as to differentiate the two

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