Group Policy with Roaming Profile Problem



I have setup a group policy with about 20 defined settings. Some
settings apply to the user--desktop background and IE Home page that
cannot be changed, Classic Start Menu and Control Panel, etc. Some
settings apply to the workstation--SUS server, remote desktop, etc. It
works fine regardless of whether the user is part of the local
administrators group or not.

I am also testing out Roaming Profiles so users can logon to different
workstations and have their settings go with them. It also works fine
if the user or their security group is added into the local workstation
administrators group.

If the user with a roaming profile is part of the Power Users or or
just Users group on the local workstation, some Group Policy settings
do not take effect--desktop background, desktop icons, start menu
settings, etc. But others do work like the IE homepage. How can I
make it so that the roaming profile will work for users who do not have
adminstrator rights on their workstations?

The domain controler is Windows 2003. The workstations are all Windows
XP SP1. Anyone run into this before?



Gerry Hickman


The whole idea of it, is that it's supposed to work "per user" if you
tell it to do so. Are you sure you are using the "User" tree, as opposed
to the "Computer" tree in the MMC when you set it up? Are you sure these
users are in an OU (or branch) that the policy is being applied to? I'm
pretty sure "desktop background" is a user "policy" so this should
certainly work without admin rights. Check for any USERENV errors in the
event log after logging the test user on and off a few times. Make sure
NTUSER.DAT has a date and time stamp of the time the test user logged
on. Check the key in HKCU to see if it changed.

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