Group Policy issues - please help



I have created a users policy to define the IE Proxy
server settings and exceptions settings for all the
We have 2 AD Domains (ROOT and a Child domain) with Child
domain spanning 2 SITES.We have 3 ROOT DC's and 3 Child
domain DC's. We have 25 remote locations (connected via
Frame-Relay - 256Kbps to the IT Data Center).
1. All remote sites have a DNS server running
as "secondary" DNS and as such have a copy of the AD
domain zone with all the appropriate records (DNS on DC's
is running in AD Integrated mode).

2. All the users authenticate using the domain
controllers at the IT data center.

3. The subnets for all the remote sites have been added
to the AD Sites and Services and associated with the IT
Data Center AD Site.

4. No access-lists on the routers that would block AD

Here is the issue: When the users at the remote sites
authenticate to the domain, their IE PROXY settings do
not get set via GROUP POLICY. When I logon to the network
at the IT datacenter as the remote user the policy is
applied and the IE settings for PROXY are there.

1. I had initially applied the Policy to the OU where all
the user accounts are. It did not work.

2. I then applied the policy at the "domain" level. Same

3. I then applied the same policy at the SITE leve. Same

There are no errors on the DC's or the workstation,
everything from AD side checks out. I am completely lost,
any help will be greatly appreciated.


Shariq Siddiqui



shariq siddiqui

I just changed it to preference mode, enough time has
passed for replication to occur and it is still not

Shariq Siddiqui



MS Newsgroups


Using preference mode means that the policy is not "enforced". This policy
is only applied to a fresh profile and if the user after that chooses to
change the settings, he will be able to do this. This is probably why your
settings are not applying

Please read the note in the bottom of article;en-us;325342


Niclas Lindblom

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