Group Policy Inheritance


Jairo Patiño

Hi, i´m editing policies for somes users of my company. When i´m looking in
Audit Policy, i see that Audit Directory Services Acces is enabled. I´m
watching in my Default Domain Policy and is Disabled. When i watch in
Default Domain Controllers Policy is enabled in success. The computers are
in a new OU. Why this OU is inheriting policies from Default Domain
Controllers Policy.? This machines are Windows 2000 Professional.

Sorry for my poor English!!!


I presumed that the new OU is not sub-OU of the Domain Controllers OU.
If this is the case, you shouldn't be inheriting from the Default DC Policy.
Try "gpresult /v" and determine where the settings might have come from.
Also try disabling the setting in the Default DC Policy and check if the
settings (disable audit) gets inherited.

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