group policy implementation on windows 2000 advance server



i have installed new windows 2000 advance server which is standalone server
in my network.
we are having around 100 user's, now i want to implement group policy on the
i want to know what's the setp's for that and how i can implement that group
policy to the user desktop.
main idea is i don't want to give any wright's to user for installtion of
new software,to make changed in system,or limited acces that's which is


Do you intend to promote this machine to a DC. What about resiliancy ?
AD design ? Are all these users doing the same job
or are they different roles etc ?

Its a big job and needs LOTS of planning. My suggesiton would be read
some articles on AD design (which also include how to actually do Group
Policies), loads of them available on the web

Group Policy is much easier if you get your AD right first

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