Group policy error


Sudesh Bhat

Hi All,

We have problem with consistent performance with Group

For the last 2 weeks we had been running test Scenarios
for implementing Group Policy in our Win2k enviroment. We
were testing out the Dcom.adm and Windows SUSS Update adm
policy files for these tests. We had a test OU in our
existing AD / DNS network. We place arounf 3 PC in the
test OU and applied the adm files. During the last 2
weeks we had no problem applying the policy. But for the
last 2 days we have been facing problems. Any new policy
wont be applied. THe event viewer in the workstations
shows GP successfully applied, but the registry change
from the new adm files are not happening on the wkstns.
SO we removed the DCOM policy and tried reapplying it
and even that wont apply now.
The only change we have done to our network is
disable the Messenger Service on all our Win2k DC, GC,
and member servers.

PLease suggest as we need to implement SUS, and other
policies in our organization.

Thanks in advance
Sudesh Bhat

Scott Sanders

Hi Sudesh

Here is what I would do.
1. Enable Userenv logging. This will show if the machine is getting the
policy and what DC it is getting it from.
221833 How to Enable User Environment Debug Logging in Retail Builds of

2. If this does not work delete the locally cached copy of the policy. It
is located at c:\winnt\security\templates\policies
Policies is a hidden folder. Delete all the files in the policies folder.
The refresh the policy or reboot.

3. You can also enable the policies for different client side extensions
that say always apply the policy even if it has not changed.
These are located in computer configuration\administrative
templates\system\group policy

Hope this helps

M. Scott Sanders

Microsoft Enterprise Support
EPS Directory Services Team
Email: (e-mail address removed)

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