Group Policy blocking program function



I have a computer lab that I've locked down with Group Policy. These are late
model PC's with xp Pro all sp's and updates applied in a windows Server 2003

The Group Policy is serving very well. My problem is that we have a Student
Learning program (NovaNET) that requires Quicktime for windows to run.
Quicktime starts to load on login (as designed) but hangs during the load
defeating the multimedia function in NovaNET.

Can anyone tell me what group policy might be blocking Quicktime from fully

I've used GPMC.MSC to see what settings I have and I can't see anything that
should cause this... Experienced help needed.

Thanks in advance

Salvador Manaois III

Try using the Resultant Set of Policies snap-in (rsop.msc) to extract the
policies applied to the computer/user. If the application is deployed via
GPO, please verify that it is listed within the RSOP output.

I would also suggest using Sysinternals' Process Explorer to view which file
or folder is being accessed when the application is launched or which
registry key is accessed. Note of any "access denied" errors from the output
and modify permissions (file, folder, registry) accordingly.

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