Group Policy - access denied



I have a problem with the Group Policy. I cannot access
the group policy even if i am loggin in as an
Administrator. The system reports that the access is denied

David Everett [MSFT]

Logon to the DC and from the Run command see if you can access

If you get Access is Denied check Share permissions on Sysvol

Share Permissions:
Authenticated Users [Full Control]
Administrator group [Full Control]
Everyone [Read]

You could reapply Default security to the DC:

1. Set environment variables listed in Steps 1-7 for Q256000 and reboot the
256000 Error Messages After Importing Basicdc.inf into Group Policy

After the reboot reapply base security:
2. cd %systemroot%\security\templates
3. secedit /configure /cfg "setup security.inf" /db ss.sdb /log ss.log
4. secedit /configure /cfg basicdc.inf /db basicdc.sdb /log basicdc.log
5. Remove environment variables and reboot the server.

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