Group dropping members...


Alberto Lopez

I have a domain global group dropping members whenever
someone adds a new member to it. It's random, though.
There are currently about 1000 users in the group.

Has anyone experienced this before? Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time...



Richard Moreno

Hi Alberto-

2 posts for strange occurrences. You may have a bigger problem than just 2
group issues. Does your event logs provide you with any errors? Hows your
replication? And DNS?

Richard Moreno
MCSE NT4\2000, MCSA 2000

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no




Thanks for the suggestions, Richard. The environment has
been pretty stable for the last 4 years or so. There
aren't any unusual events in the logs, but I'll probably
go through everything one more time just to make sure.

The problem is only happening with two groups that each
have a little over 1,000 members. All other groups in the
AD are doing fine. This leads me to think that the
problem might actually be related to the amount of users
in the group. Or perhaps there is a limitation on the
machines performing the queries. I seem to recall a
situation in the past, where something like this was
happening. No one was getting dropped from the groups,


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