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A colleague of mine has asked for some help and I can't think my way through
this one so any advice will be gratefully received.

We have a student timetable database. We have a report grouped by day, in
which we can see any student with lesson details and the details of any
helpers assigned to the student. I think this is where the problem lies.

This report is run from a query whose criteria is selected from a combo box
on a form. This control is used to select the helper for whom you wish to
print a timetable. Then the report should be grouped by day with the chosen
helper's activities listed for each day. However, each day appears (looking
like a group header - and in design it is laid out like a group header), for
each separate activity for the helper. So, if someone has 4 lessons to
attend on a Monday, Monday will appear 4 times, each with 1 line of activity.
The helper details are unique. No activity is repeated.

Could this be the problem...?

The helper may appear in 2 columns of the underlying table for the query on
which the report is based. Why? Each student needs 2 helpers for each

I know that this could have been setup so that each person for each lesson
had their own record such as lessonid, personid - where each lesson's id
links back to each individual lesson a student can attend, and person's id
links back to any person - student or helper and their role.

The reason for its current setup is that my colleague wanted to see a record
for each student's lesson. This includes: module, day, time, semester,
student name, tutor, room no, helper 1, helper 2, comments. She coldn't be
persuaded otherwise.

So, her report includes the following fields:

Helper name in title (as chosen from the combo box)

Group header for Day

student, module, time, semester, tutor, venue, helper 1, helper 2, comments.

Helper 1 and 2 are listed in the report so they can see who they are teaming
with on that day.

Day comes from a lookup field linking back to a table containing the data
Monday, Tuesday... etc. Helper 1 and helper 2 come from lookup fields
linking back to a helpers table. Thus there are two 1:many relationships
between the timetable table and the helpers table.

Does anyone have any ideas? Could this be the problem? Can anyone think of
a way out?

Something else worth a mention. My colleague will be upgrading to Office
2007 at the end of September. This means that she will be able to store
multiple values in one field - could this solve her helper problem? However,
this database needs to be working properly before the students return in a
week's time so that she can sort out each student's timetable.

I hope you can see why I'm confused. If you require any further info please

Many thanks,





Well, writing down the problem certainly helped as I've managed to fix it.
For some reason there was a Helper header as well as a Day header. Sometimes
you just can't see for looking! Anyway, removing the helper header has fixed

Thanks very much.

Take care,

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