Gridlines disappear



I copied cells from a web page into Excel (2007). This worked fine. Now I
want to remove the border lines. I went into format cells, then border. I
tried selecting NONE under presets and also tried manually removing all of
the borders individually-both with same results. When I am done there are
now no lines around those cells, not only no borders but also no gridlines.
I verified under View that gridlines is checked. I also checked Page Layout
and view gridlines is also checked there. I tried unchecking and then
checking again but the gridlines never appear around the cells that I removed
the borders from. I can add the borders back, but when I remove them I now
have no gridlines again.

I would really like to have the gridlines around those cells. Can anyone




Kevin B

Select the cell that have the MIA gridlines and do the following:

Click FORMAT on the menu and select Cells

Click the PATTERNS and choose no Color

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