Grid Lines



I am having trouble getting the grid lines to print. Sometimes they
will set-up okay, and sometimes they won't.

I go to "File"; "Page Set-up"; "Sheet", and click on "Gridlines", and
they will not show on the "Print Preview", nor will they print.

I will go back and un-check the gridlines, enter okay, then I will
re-check the gridlines and check okay, and they still will not print.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help



Mark Scott

I had this last year on the network last year, you may want to check your
printer driver and update to the latest version



I don't think this is a printer problem, because the grid lines don't
show on the "Print Preview".

If I can get the grid lines on the "Print Preview", then the grid lines
do appear on the printed worksheet.

David McRitchie

Gridlines are wiped out by interior color (white is a color), or by borders.
Try using black borders (format, cells, borders)

You can lose grid lines and/or borders if you have printer set to
draft or low resolution, actually more likely to show some and lose some.

Don't know if this is a possible problem spot.
Incorrect/missing colors may occur with use of High Contrast under
Display tab of Accessibility Options from the control panel.

Mark Scott said:
Try that anyway, I was convinced it was software until I reloaded the driver


Hi Guys,

I tried everything that you suggested, and problem still exists.

I just purchased the Epson Stylus, Photo 960 printer....same problem

I really don't think the printer and driver has anything to do with it,
because I am viewing the results under "Print Preview". This is the
step before accessing the printer.

I have three pages (Three Tabs), under one worksheet. ALL OF THESE
PAGES have the "Grid Lines" selected under "Sheet", under "Page

The first page under "Print Preview" shows grid lines in the preview;
The second page does not show "Gridlines" in that "Print Preview"; the
third page shows the gridlines on the "Prnt Preview.

Pages One & Three will print with gridlines. Page two does not show
the "Gridlines" in the print preview, and the gridlines will not print.

Thanks for your time in trying to help me.



David McRitchie

To reiterate:

Printing of gridlines:

Printing of gridlines: Tools, Options, View, Gridlines (checked), color: automatic

Cell color and/or Borders wipe out gridlines:
Any color within a cell such as white, or any color borders such as white, will wipe out gridlines.

To Make sure you do not have color within a cell
Cells with color override gridlines, to remove:
Select All cells (Ctrl+A), Format, Patterns (tab), cells color shading (none)

To Make sure you do not have color borders
Borders override gridlines, to remove:
Select All cells (Ctrl+A), Format, Borders (tab), Borders (none), Color (automatic)

webpage on Gridlines:

David McRitchie

Didn't even realize there was an Excel option for "Draft" knew
some printers (print drivers) had the option. The draft option certainly does wipe
out gridlines and color as seen in Print Preview.


Hey Guys.....It worked!

I thought "Draft" meant quality of pring (less ink used).

Really appreciate your help.





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