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Discussion in 'Microsoft Word New Users' started by KRK, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. KRK

    KRK Guest


    I copied a news article (using copy/paste) from the web into a Word .docx
    file. No problem.

    The word file text has a faint grey background that I want to remove before
    printing it. The grey background does not extend into the margins. I cannot
    find where on the menu system to remove it. Can you please point me in the
    right direction.


    KRK, Jan 23, 2010
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  2. KRK

    CyberTaz Guest

    Have you looked at Print Preview to see if the background color displays
    there? It's quite possible that it will only display but not print.

    If it shows in Print Preview it may very well be caused by either of several
    methods, such as Shading applied as a Paragraph Formatting attribute or as a
    graphic object set to either Behind Text or placed in the document Header.

    Exactly how to address the possibilities depends on your version of Word, so
    if you have further questions be certain to specify that in your reply.

    HTH |:>)
    Bob Jones
    [MVP] Office:Mac
    CyberTaz, Jan 23, 2010
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  3. KRK

    KRK Guest

    Hi again & thanks for the help. I have Word 2007,

    The print preview does indeed display the grey background, and I cant find
    anything in 'font' or 'paragraph' that shos a grey background.

    I have got over the problem now, by using 'copy' then 'paste special'/'paste
    as unformatted text', so all is well, but I'm still curious.

    Thanks again

    KRK, Jan 24, 2010
  4. KRK

    CyberTaz Guest

    Well, if the text isn't in a Text Box or other Shape there are at least 3
    more possibilities I can think of offhand:

    1- Paragraph Shading: Select the text then have a look at the Shading button
    on the Home Tab in the Paragraph group - the icon is a Paint Can.

    2- Page Color: Page Layout Tab, Page Background group. This normally doesn't
    print, but it will if the Printing Option is selected to include "Print
    background colors & images".

    3- A graphic object filled with the gray has been inserted into the Header
    or has been inserted into the Text Layer & formatted with a form of Text
    Wrapping, such as Behind Text. It should be selectable if it's in the Header
    when you go to Edit Header [Insert Tab] or double-click in the top margin
    area. A floating object Behind Text can be a little trickier ‹ Go to the
    Select button in the Editing group on the Home Tab (right end) & select the
    Select Objects tool. Then click in the document to select the filled shape.

    HTH |:>)
    Bob Jones
    [MVP] Office:Mac
    CyberTaz, Jan 24, 2010
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