Great VB GUI Code



VB GUI source code for developing please see below web site.

GUI Ver. 1.0 Is a very fancy pull down menu, toolbar multi tabbed GUI
menu interface for any version of Visual Basic should run and compile
from versions VB 1 to V6 (VB 1, VB2, VB3, VB4, VB5, VB6), Has pull down
menus, toolbar, tabbed form, image list, dialog boxes, (open, save,
print, color, etc.), multiple window shell functions, an option form
with 18 check boxes, a calender, a calculator, menu shell functions to
windows explorer, calculator, paintbrush, wag image, write and notepad.
A small database (on one of the tabs), an email client (without using
mapi functions), allowing the user of the app. to directly mail the
developer with any questions, with his primary email software,
(outlook, aol, etc.), picture boxes, charting functions, and a file
viewing tab, Plus all the following functions, An FTP Client, A
Browser, A text Editor, A Calender, 4 Drive Exxplorer, A Movie Viewer,
An image viewer, charting functions and a links database. Buyer gets
the program compiled to view and all the source code to write one's own
application, look it over, a very fast way to learn VB, develop 32 bit
windows apps in no time at all with this code,just add the Addition
forms and code and compile.


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