Gray Tool Drop-down menu



I have Office 2003 installed on a Windows XP Pro SP/2 machine. When I try to
access the Tools drop-down menu from the main toolbar, all I get is a gray
drop-down bar; I don't get any Tools. Please assist. Thanks!




Jocelyn Fiorello

Try renaming your outcmd.dat file to outcmd.old while Outlook is closed.
Outlook will rebuild the default toolbars the next time you open it. If your
changes to the toolbars "stick" after doing this, then you know it was the
outcmd.dat file causing the problem. Make sure to make a backup of the new
outcmd.dat file so you can restore it if you ever run into the same problem

Note: Since you're using XP, you'll need to search within hidden folders to
find the outcmd.dat file.

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