Gradient Background in Expressions Web


Jim Aksel

I am trying to make a two toned/gradient background for Expressions webpages.
Let me guess... make the background an image, not a custom color?

If so, I just specify the background image to be 100% of the width/height of
the page area? I suppose that is easy enough for the left to right
dimension, but what about the scrolled length of the page, how do I do that?




Background images cannot be adjusted in HTML to fit. They will either
tile (that is, repeat) to fill the space, or parts of the image will be
cut off if the image is too big.

The image you use can be 10px high - this will automatically tile to
fill the height of the page, but the width may be a problem - with page
wider than the image the colours may go blue->white|blue->white

CSS can be used to stop the horizontal tiling, leaving an area of the
page that has no background image - here you set the background colour
of the page to be the same as the right edge of the image.

The CSS below loads grad.jpg as the background image, and sets the
background colour of the page to white. The image is assumed to go from
somecolour to white.

body {background: white url('images/grad.jpg') repeat-y;}

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