GPO-problem, Event: Userenv 1074




Our workstation OU's GPO's Workstation Configuration is
applied normally, but User Configuration are not applied
in the same GPO.

I have enabled verbose event -logging and there is Event
ID: 1074:

"GPO Wokstations does not contain any policy information
because the version number is 0. Windows will not apply

In GPO.ini lies version=983066. I think this is some kind
of access-problem. Any idea what to do?

Scott Sanders

Here are a couple of things to try.
1. Change the policy and save it. Even if you have to make a change then
remove the change. something to change the version number.
2. make sure that replication is working and all domain controllers are in
sync. A great tool for this is gpotool.exe with a /v switch. This can be
downloaded from
3. If this is not the problem then try to delete all the files in the
following folder on the client machine
c:\windows\security\templates\policies Policies is a hidden folder. Then
refresh the policy or reboot.

Hope this works

M. Scott Sanders

Microsoft Enterprise Support
EPS Directory Services Team
Email: (e-mail address removed)

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