Google announced an iPhone, a Gear VR, an Echo, and an Eero


Mar 25, 2003
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You might have seen in the news that Google held a product launch event this week, and unveiled a range of new products. In a slightly tongue-in-cheek article, The Verge has been taking a look and explaining the similarities between these products and others which are already on the market:

Everybody copies everybody. It doesn't mean they're "out of ideas" or "in a technological cul-de-sac" — or at least it doesn't necessarily mean that — it does mean they want to make money and keep users. It's actually one of my favorite elements of the tech industry. It's self-regulating in a small way, because there's a certain shame to, say, copying GoPro or Meerkat or Snapchat or Dropbox, but sometimes a product category or feature is just irresistible.

At today's Pixel event, Google hit a lot of pre-existing categories and features with its own Google-branded hardware. And to clarify once more, because I don't want to be misunderstood: I'm not saying this is bad or dumb or unethical or boring, I'm just saying it's kind of obvious where the "inspiration" came from.

The new products include the Google Pixel & Pixel XL (smartphones), Daydream View (VR) headset, Chromecast Ultra (capable of 4K streaming), Google WiFi (a router), and Google Home (smart home assistant - like the Amazon Echo).

Read more about them at The Verge.



Jan 31, 2005
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I was going to get a Pixel XL, but they can go do one if they think they're worth >£800 (128GB XL)

The Pixel is either £599 or £699 for 32GB or 128GB respectively.
The XL is £719 or £819.

Taking on the iPhone they said. Well you got the price bit right at least. :rolleyes:

Oh and lol at the iVerge, Apple fanboys through and though. That said it does look awfully like an iPhone doesn't it....

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