Good Thuban Availabilty



For the first time, an AMD CPU is available in my country (Romania) at
launch time and at comparable prices to other EU countries. There are
also directly available in most EU countries along with 890FX-based

Up until now, absolutely all AMD CPUs were almost 80E-100E more
expensive than in, Hungary, for example, which is also in EU and has
similar fiscal policies (courtesy of one, country-wide AMD

Also, there are AMD-affiliated retailers that made sure the launch is
'full table' with 890FX motherboards, special combo deals and, in one
case, lifetime warranty for AMD CPUs, high end motherboards with AMD
chipsets and Radeon-based video cards.

I'm waiting to see if Gigabyte announces Thuban support for the GA-
MA790FX-DQ6 AM2+ motherboard. I have four of them in a distributed
build system just waiting to be upgraded to six cores.

Congratulations for a very good product launch with day one platform
level availability.

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