Golf for a league (teams of 4)--Help



Hello, I've been reading many postings re: excel and golf as well as
searching for templates to manage golf 4-somes--nothing.

Maybe I missed something obvious, but I don't think so...anyway.

I am looking for a way to setup team of 4 based on a grouping code
(simplified handicap) across 5 rounds of golf.

We have 28 golfers grouped into 5 strata based on average scores--A
golfers, B golfers, C, and D.

Each golfer will play 5 rounds across the summer. Each round he/she
will be on a team of 4 golfers made up of an A, B, C and a D golfer.

Any thoughts on how to build in Excel?

I hope that I explained this well enough. Let me know your thoughts.



Mark Ivey

You might find this link useful...

Golf Handicap/Index and Leaderboard by Jack Karnes
Golf Handicap/Index and Leaderboard is an Excel spreadsheet, and requires
Excel version 97 or 2000. Last Update: 3/13/01
Golf Handicap/Index calculates your golf handicap and index and tracks other
vital items, such as wagers. Leaderboard creates handicaps for any number of
players or number of rounds in any particular tournament for players without
established handicaps.

Download Golf Record Excel Version 97 for PC Now (23K)
Download Leaderboard Excel Version 97 for PC Now (9K)

Mark Ivey

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