Go ahead and Install xp sp2 when it comes out


Greg R

Go ahead and Install xp sp2 when it comes out

Those problems reported by some websites are untrue in my opinion.
I have tested most not all software with xp sp2 rc2 on a home system.
I have not found an application that wont work.  They only thing I
found out is that the security center does not recognize some
firewalls and virus scanners. Just turn the security center off if
you have that problem.

Special Note-Norton 2004 has other bugs not related to xp.

Yes, I have an Amd computer.

I think the problem is people and places not installing xp sp2

Here is how to.
Install xp sp2 correctly Downloaded it.

Xp sp2 will start to install.

The eula will pop-up. Now wait.

Disconnect or unplug your internet connection. Turn off the antivirus
and your firewall. You may need to turn them off in services.msc (Keep
them on automatic)

Now you may let xp sp2 install.

Your firewall & virus will be turned back on automatically after you

Greg R

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