Glossary in Word 97


Del Rae

I see where the Glossary (Word 5.4) was replaced with
AutoText, but that is so ugly! I have to create a new
template if I don't want all the glossary terms in my

And how do I get the glossary list in the end of my
document now? will all the terms be hotlinked like they
were under the old Glossary type?

I've searched the knowledge base, there is nothing...

Why can't I search the user groups? Also, why can't I be
notified if anyone resonds to my post?

Thanks for any help you can send my way.
Del Rae

Rob Schneider

Sorry, I don't have the same recollection of Word 2 ... I do recall that
some of the terms for these things may have changed over the versions.
Automatically entering document glossaries was a feature of Doc-to-Help
that I really liked. It did it with special Word macros. It also had
sophisticated functionality for indexes.

Maybe the you could check out the current versions of Doc-to-Help to see
if it provides the functinality that you want.

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