Global Catalog Setup

Nov 9, 2009
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I have Active Directory (AD) with a Global Catalog (GC) and Exchange installed on one of my servers in my network (server 2 - Windows 2000). Now I have another AD installed in (server 1 - Windows 2003) with a GC on that server. But this server does not have Exchange installed and I am not particular about Exchange being present on there.

Now what I wish to do is make GC in server 1 the master one and let it know about AD in server 1 and server 2, whilst leaving the GC in server 2 as a legacy GC only knowing about AD in server 2. This is so we can migrate users from one to another.

I have the AD, GC setup on the server but not sure how to make server1's GC the master on knowing about both AD's and ensuring the GC in server 2 only knows about AD on it's server.

Anybody has any ideas on this?

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