GLobal Catalog Server Communication in Parent/Child Domain



I have a parent domain that has two DCs with both those DCs being Global
Gatalog servers. I have a subdomain that also has two domain controllers and
they are both GCs as well. Whenever I boot my DCs in the parent domain or the
child domain sometimes they complain they cannot find a global catalog
server. I get the following:
Active Directory attempted to communicate with the following global catalog
and the attempts were unsuccessful.

Global catalog:

The operation in progress might be unable to continue. Active Directory will
use the domain controller locator to try to find an available global catalog

Additional Data
Error value:

Eventually the DCs(in either domain) will find a GC somewhere. My question
is the following: why would a GC in the parent domain try and find a GC in
the subdomain when the DC in the parent domain is a global catalog to begin
with? The same goes for the DCs in the subdomain...they also try to find a GC
and will find one in the parent domain even though the subdomain DCs are
global catalog servers.


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