glass windows and window paines :-)


Spocks Buddy

Can someone give me one functional reason for having glass boarders???

To me its a mix-up, a disorienting visual NOISE that makes the screen less
readable (and by the way you cannot discriminate
among what window is active and what is non active easily as it was with

Also aero eats up batteries on laptops, and because they had to change the
way the windows are drawn,
when you switch to classic the screen is drawn FAR SLOWER than it is with
AERO!!! lol

Thus classic instead of being faster its slower!!! Now imagine all the non
aero capable machines
or poor windows vista basic that doesn't even have aero glass.....

how stupid could MS be?

So along with Glass windows we now have window Pains.... :)


They made it for the "yuppies" to sit in coffee shops with their laptops, and
pose to the chicks. XP forever.


Hmm, I find that screen action is faster in Classic display mode.

For instance, a PowerPoint presentation with animated bullets that fly in,
run kind of jerky with Aero active. Turn all the eyecandy off and the
performance seems equivalent to running on a plain XP machine.

Also, I find I get back about 7-10% CPU usage turning Aero and Desktop
Window Manager off.


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