Giving Task Scheduler Rights to Non-Admin User



Running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I want to allow a user that is
NOT an Admin on this server to be able to start/stop a Scheduled Task,
remotely over the network. I've entered the user's account and password
info in the task's "Run as:" and "Set Password" sections. Under the
task's Security tab I added the user account, giving it Full Control.

When the user opens an Explorer window with the remote server name, the
"Scheduled Tasks" icon does not show up.

Any suggestions on how to make this work would be appreciated. Thanks.

Herb Martin

The user needs "Run as Batch" right as a minimum,
but I do believe that doing this (actually starting/stopping)
the task may take more (admin) privileges.

May someone else will comment on that portion.

But even submitting the task locally will require
the "Run as Batch".

Herb Martin

Right to "run as batch"?

Also note for stopping tasks, this is automatic for
your own tasks, but non-trivial for stopping other
people's tasks without being an Admin.

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