Getting Strongly Named Flash Shockwave dlls for use with No-Touch Deployment Smart Client


Paul Linhardt

I am attempting to a Windows Forms application running as a Smart
Client (e.g. No-Touch deployment).

I found that unless I strongly named my application assembly, IEexec
used by No-Touch deployment would load multiple copies of application
in the download assembly cache (which would cause
InvalidTypeExceptions in my application).

However, my application has a Flash movie in it. The Shockwave dll's
I have are not strongly named so I get the following error:

"Unable to emit assembly: Referenced assembly
'AxInterop.ShockwaveFlashObjects' does not have a strong name"

Strongly named assemblies cannot contain non-strongly named dll's.

Does anyone know how to get or make strongly named versions of
AxInterop.ShockwaveFlashObjects and Interop.ShockwaveFlashObjects?

I tried using the tlbimp.exe utility, but it gives the following
TlbImp error: The input file AxInterop.ShockwaveFlashObjects.dll' is
not a valid type library.

I tried using tlbexp to make a type library, but I couldn't use tlbimp
to convert it back after that.

Paul Linhardt

Found what I needed:

After downloading the latest Shockwave from the Macromedia site, I found:

I a command window I ran:
AxImp Flash.ocx /keyfile:keypair.snk

I then added the references to the new strongly named assemblies to my project

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