Getting Picture Into Image In UserForm



I am guessing that this is incredibly easy, but it is beyond me. All I want
to do is click the Image box on the UserForm and be able to select a Picture.

I can very easily get the code to write to a desired cell using
xlDialogInsertPicture, which I like because it ensure that it is an
appropriate object. I can't get the image to show up on the UserForm using:


I can imaging a lot of ways to do this, but a good top level method would be
best. In support of my own ideas:
- Can I get the path from xlDialogInsertPicture?
- Is there a generic pictures filter for GetOpenFilename?
- Can I extract the image from the UserForm and insert it somewhere else
later or is it lost?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance


A little too quick with my question. What I really need to know is whether
there is a good generic FileFilter for images, and if & how I can extract the
image from the UserForm.

Thank you.

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