Getting on internet thru AOL


Bob Merriam

I got some kind of "worm" through a website and on ms I
just got continuing pop ups.
After addding the new ad-aware I was able to eventually
get rid of them but my computer wouldn't start or load
I enter on ms and then go to AOL for my email and most
internet work.
After reloading ms and aol I found that I can get into the
aol mail but can't get on the internet on aol. I can get
to the main page of my favorite sites but when I try to go
further the computer locks up and must be shut down.
If I go to explorer and use aol thru that I can get on the
It seems aol on its own can't get on the web. I've also
added all the MS updates.
I'm extremely frustrated and would love any help! Thanks,
Bob M.


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