Getting no results from Advanced Filtering in Excel 2007

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Environmental Cowboy

I'm attempting to use the advanced filtering in Excel 2007 but the filtered
list is identical to the unfiltered list though I have tried various
critieria. I followed the Help guide meticulously, but get no apparent
results. What am I missing? Is there something not mentioned in the Help
file? Do the cells have to have a particular format?

Additional info:
Auto filtering works fine.
List range and criteria ranges look right. There is a blank row between them.
I input criteria using the ="=report" format.
When I try to filter in place or designate a location on the same worksheet
I get the full table repeated.
When I try to paste to another worksheet I get the error message "You can
only copy filtered data to the active sheet".




Earl Kiosterud


The blank row in your criteria is the killer. Any empty cell is considered a match, and
since the rows in criteria are or'ed, you always have the criteria satisfied.

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