getting a text box control to display a scroll bar



I've got a text box control in a subform whose Control Source is a memo
field. I have the Scroll Bars property of this control set to Vertical, but
the scroll bars don't appear in the control, even when the data in the field
exceeds the vertical height of the control. To see that data, you have to
use the keyboard Pg up, Pg Dn and arrow keys.

Given that I've already set Scroll Bars to Vertical, what can I do to get
the vertical scroll bars to display in the control?

Thanks in advance,




Allen Browne

If this is NOT Access 2007, try setting the internal margins of the text box
to zero.

There was a bug in previous version such that the scrollbar did not display
correctly if the text box had internal margins. Microsoft fixed it in the
new version.


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