Get registry keys over wmi on a remote host?


Volkan Senguel

Hi, i need a way to get the keys from the uninstall registry path for a
inventory tool.

Localy is no problem with this sample code:

RegistryKey localmachine = Registry.LocalMachine;
RegistryKey Uninstall =

foreach (string key in Uninstall.GetSubKeyNames())
RegistryKey activeKey = Uninstall.OpenSubKey(key);
string displayName =

if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(displayName))

But, how can i read a remote registry over wmi???

thanx for any help

Volkan Senguel

Thank you Mark, i know how to use google ;)

But the most examples and tips doesnt really work with remote clients...

maybe another aproach: how can i get from a remote client the installed
software list?

thank you

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