get recordset from cmd object



I would like to return a recordset from a stored procedure using the cmd

Set mCmd = New ADODB.Command
With mCmd
.ActiveConnection = mConn
.CommandText = SelectCommandText
.CommandType = adcmdStoredProc
Set mrst = New ADODB.Recordset
Set mrst = .Execute

I get an error "syntax error or access violation" when I try to execute. I
have code that checks whether mConn is open prior to this and it is. When I
take the .CommandText and run it in Query Analyzer, it executes fine. What
can I do to determine what the issue is?

Thanks so much!

Douglas J. Steele

Assuming that mConn is an instantiated Connection object, you need

Set .ActiveConnection = mConn

In actual fact, you don't need the Set mrst = New ADODB.Recordset statement,
as the next line should properly instantiate mrst.

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