get old asp to work with



I have recently installed 2.0 on my IIS 5.0. I am learning with web developer which works fine. ALL the asp on the servre
now no longer works (500 server error). How do I restore the
functionality without un-installing

Frankly, I can't believe Microsoft would leave this issue unhandled in
their installation program, then again, we ARE dealing with Microsoft.

Juan T. Llibre

!> Check your IIS Settings. The ".asp" extension should be mapped to asp.dll.

Indeed and, if it isn't, asp.dll can be re-registered with regsvr32.

Installation, when it goes awry, may have multiple problems/symptoms as consequences.

If re-registering asp.dll doesn't work as a fix, you may have to uninstall/re-install IIS.

Frankly, I'd do that anyway, as dealing with an installation problem may turn out
to be a bear of a task, while uninstalling/reinstalling IIS takes but a few minutes.

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