Get "Large" from List



Hello All:

I asked already this question in not a clear manner, so I got unclear
answers. So I would like to ask again my question. I hope someone will
understand it and help me.

My goal is to get results from three variables. I have the following chart:

Type Company 1 Company 2 Company 3
Plastic 3.69 0.79 0.89
Metal 0.99 2.57 1.99
Wood 1.69 0.89 0.99

Then I have this chart:

Code Amount Item Amount Item Amount Item
111 2 Plastic 3 Wood 5 Metal
222 3 Wood 1 Plastic
333 1 Wood 4 Metal 3 Plastic

I would like in the next cell for code 111 should tell me the amount of
"Large(1)" for All the items on that row (111) Then the next cell "Large(2)"
for the same code (111). and so on.

So for example, the first cell should state: $17.40 (which is a total of
The next cell should state: $17.10 (which is a total of 1.58+2.67+12.85).

I hope you understand my question. Please help me, these calculations is
driving me nuts. And I don't know any easier way to do this.

If I can do this calculation with VBA then I'll use that instead.

Thanks for any help.


Per Jessen

Hi Art

Looking at your example, I can not figure out, what you want to do.

Can you describe in words which result you require, and how to calculate the
result 17.04 and its sub results.


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