Generating populated fields from Tables.



I am wondering if there is any way to do the following:

From a drop down list I select the employee name. Can that generate the
employee id, telephone ext, etc... I have all this information stored in a
table. Currently I have drop down fields for each one of these, but would
like Access to generate the information simply by clicking on a name.

Can this be done?



Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You never need to store anything more than the EmployeeID, but you can
easily display anything in the employee table. Twp ways of doing it are:


using the column property of a combo box in the after update event, create a
4 column combo box with the column widths set to:

0"; 1";1";0"

Then use code similar to:

Sub MyCombo_AfterUpdate()
Me.txtFirstName = Me.MyCombo.Column(1)
Me.txtLastName = Me.MyCombo.Column(2)
Me.txtPhone = Me.MyCombo.Column(3)
End Sub

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