General Practise for deploying CR on ASP.Net



I would like to know the common practise for the captioned subject

Currently if create a Web Setup Project to deploy my 2.0 solution,
it will include all my source code, as my target machine don't have crystal
report installed, I was wondering if I can use Build->Publish Web Site to
deploy my solution which has Crystal Reports?

Can some give me some suggestion, how to deploy web solution to customer web
server which has Crystal Report?

Terry Burns

Crystal Reports comes as part of Visual Studio. Its part of the framework
set of classes and is integrated with Visual Studio itself. As long as you
have .NET Framework installed on the server you are publishing to, then you
should have no issues ( Other than that Crystal Reports can and is a pain in
the ass to use ( At least in 2003 version ).

In it's defense though, once configured and understood, it does output some
quite good results.


Thanks Terry,

So you telling me that I can use "Publish Web Site" to deploy my Crystal
report web application (developed w/ VS 2005 version) onto a IIS which has
framework 2.0?

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