Gener Questions about Laser Printers



Good Day:

I have a few general questions about HP laserjets before I purchase one.

One, do all laserjets use USB or can ports or USB connections be used? I
only have two USB connections so do I have to shut down the computer and
'unplug' one device or can I unplug it while the computer is on?

Two, since laserjets use toner and not ink, the cartridges do not dry out
but does anything happen to toner if it is not used for a long time? I was
told that the toner becomes 'hard' and the cartridge just needs a good

Lastly, are toner cartridges included with most laserjets?


Alan Morris [MSFT]

Most Laser printers have USB ports. If you have multiple machines
accessing the device, a network card add on allows access for all computers
without turning on a computer that is sharing the printer.

USB supports unplugging one device them plugging in another. The best route
for expansion would be purchase a powered hub.

The toner settles, a medium shake will redistribute. I normally pull out my
KC and the Sunshine Band vinyl. One minute from any of their songs should
do the trick.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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