Gamestart Problems




Every time I start a game like FIFA2003, Colin Mc Rae III, Medal of honor
and others, I can't get in the game.
There's a window trying to open and then I hear a click om the monitor, then
another click and I'm back on the desktop.
The game stays in the taskbar and I have to close it using the task manager.
I've already tried another monitor and graphic card, but the problem stays.

Does someone knows a solution, because I can't play any of those games?

Mobo : ECS K7S6A
DDR : 512 333 Mhz
CPU : AMD 2400+
GC : ATI Radeon 9500 evil commando 128 mb DDR
Monitor : Iiyama 204 DT 22"


Chris H.

Are you in a Limited account? You need to be part of the Administrator
group (Windows XP Home) or have the proper permissions (XP Pro). If this
isn't the case, please post back and include details of which driver you're
running on the Radeon card.

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