game freeze



My computer generally works fine, but whenever I want to
play a game it plays for a minute or so and then shuts
down completely. Any ideas?


I don't know what you mean by that, I'm kind of computer
retarded. It never used to crash until recently and now
it does it every time I try to play any game. Do I need
to update something?


A friend of mine is having a similar problem, at first it
would give the error, driver not equal and physical
memory dump (not sure if at same time) so i told him to
re/install latest nforce drivers (245) and now the
windows simply shuts dow without displaying an error


Ok , Go to run and type : dxdiag. This will give you information about your
computer , display and sound devices. Note the manufactures of system and
video card. Also note model numbers of video card. With this information
you can look at the website of manufacturer of computer and video card
under the model listing. There you should find a downloadable file which
will upgrade the display driver.This may take a little bit of detective work
if you are up to it. This may or not fix your problem but should be done on
a regular basic by all computer users. Jym

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