fxscfgwz.dll missing



I cannot install the fax service. I run windows XP, Ive installed service
pack 2, Ive checked the add fax component. I keep getting the error message,
fxscfgwz.dll cant be found, to use windows install cd, it doesnt find the
dll. Ive looked in all the i386 folders. can anyone Please

Hal Hostetler [MVP S/U]


Hal Hostetler [MVP-S/U]

Not really. As the page suggests, you either need to uncompress the .dl_
files so they become .dll files, or use the Esentutl.exe utility to rebuild
to security database. To do this, click on the Windows Start Menu, click
Run, and type:

esentutl /p %windir%\security\database\secedit.sdb

%windir% is usually C:\Windows. You can also get the hotfix listed in KB

You cannot add a Windows component in Windows XP

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