Furious with Microsoft, Part 2



This isn't a rant and I'm not on a tangent about Microsoft's poor tech
support. This is the last posting in which I will voice my grievances.

I would like this post to result in an answer as to what Microsoft suggests
that I do to receive assistance with their product. Here's what happened:

A recent issue with Windows Vista Ultimate x64 caused the BIOS flash
utility, downloaded from Dell's website, not to work properly (or at all) on
my Dell XPS 600. (Note: I'm an experienced computer user that usually
doesn't call tech support.)

Knowing that I had just spent more than $400 on software (excluding $500 on
Office Professional), I knew Microsoft's technical support army would be
standing by (or seated comfortably), ready to help me resolve the issue. As
their online chat technical support could not validate my Product ID, I
called Microsoft technical support by telephone. (Different thread: "Furious
with Microsoft" in General Windows Vista Discussion)

After attempting to explain the problem again and again with the Microsoft
respresentative, I realized that this phone call was not going to be able to
resolve my issue. Remember, the original issue was about my BIOS flash
utility. This is the email I received from "Deepak:"


Hi Justin,

This is Deepak with Microsoft Windows Technical Support.

It was my pleasure to work with you on your Windows case 1029005856. I hope
that you were completely satisfied with the service provided to you.

Based on our last conversation it appears that this case is resolved and
ready to be archived. If this is not correct or if you are not very
satisfied with the support we’ve provided please let us know as soon as
possible. My goal is to ensure that your experience with Microsoft Windows
Technical Support leaves you very satisfied with our products and services.

Here is a summary of the key points of the case for your records:

ACTION : tried to install flash drive.

RESULT : not able to install flash drive.

CAUSE : getting an error message stating:windows
configuration error.an error has been encountered trying to configure the
windows to allow flashing.

status : trying to download updated driver from the manufacturer website.

If you have any feedback regarding Microsoft support, we would be glad to
hear from you. If you would feel more comfortable speaking with someone else
regarding my service, Yoganand, my manager, would be very happy to hear your
comments and suggestions. You may reach my manager by sending an email to
(e-mail address removed)

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Windows Technical Support.




Ignoring that the steps Deepak notes in the email were not what was actually
discussed, you can see that the issue HE was attempting to resolve was not
the one I called about.

Between the real technical issues/problems inherent in Windows Vista, the
fact I can't receive any support, and the knowledge Microsoft has $900 that I
spent on their problematic software, I am a completely dissatisfied Microsoft
Customer and would like to speak to someone with the ability to rectify this

Best Regards,

Your Unhappy Customer

Jan Hyde

J Man <[email protected]>'s wild thoughts were
released on Tue, 6 Feb 2007 23:36:01 -0800 bearing the
following fruit:
This isn't a rant and I'm not on a tangent about Microsoft's poor tech
support. This is the last posting in which I will voice my grievances.

I would like this post to result in an answer as to what Microsoft suggests
that I do to receive assistance with their product. Here's what happened:
I agree that the support you've recieved was poor.

What I would say is that my first port of call would be with
Dell not Microsoft.

Do Dell say it will work on Vista?

The onus is on 3rd parties to ensure their products work on

Jan Hyde (VB MVP)

Richard G. Harper

I must agree with Jan - your problem is not with Microsoft, it's with Dell.
If their flash utility did not work you need satisfaction from them, not


Hi Jan,

If your system has a floppy drive, do the BIOS flash from there just to play

Thrue, the Dell utility should have refused to work if it is not compatible
with Vista.
Dell is to blame here, not MS.



Jan, Richard, and John,

Thanks for the replies. The flash utility from Dell and its lack of
compatibility with Vista was not the point I was trying to make. It was the
complete lack of help I received from Microsoft, and the unprofessional
manner in which I was treated.

The other thread I started about the mis-matched Product ID's prompted an
uproar on the other side of the world. I had two reps. firing questions at
me simultaneously about things that I had no knowledge of. That in addition
to the $900 I spent on Microsoft products last week AND the problems I have
had with Vista...well you see where I'm going. I guess there's no point in
going on and on... Thanks again.

Ready to Give Up,


The XPS 600 didn't come with a floppy drive. I've thrown out all my old
computer parts. The last of the floppy drives went out the door a couple
years back. I would've done the update from DOS as a last-ditch solution if
it had been an option. Like I said though, the BIOS updates were working
okay under XP.



I personally will never flash a DELL as long as I live.
I let the advisor pick on the dell site which sofware packages I should use
and I downloaded all hem all and even flashed my bios and everything did seem
a lot faster after the flash but then after I started diging around the flash
forced my pc only to see 512 megs of ram instead of the 1 gig that was there
that it could see before. TRUST me NEVER FLASH YOUR DELL!

Saucy Lemon

Try flashing from floppy if Dell provides the BIOS file for it.

Saucy Lemon

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